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Our team

Meet our Team

You've talked to them on the phone. You have their business cards. Meet the people who make what we do at All American Technical Team possible.

Our team

Meet our Team

Get to know each member of the team working to solve your industrial challenges.

Would you ever guess?

Jon is President of All American Tech.

Jon Beck

Jon is the President at All American Technical Team. He feels it is his personal responsibility to provide you the best service possible. Jon makes sure that we provide a full-service repair and manufacturing facility for the Four Corners Oil, Power, Coal, and Gas industries.

Prior to joining All American Technical Team, Jon worked in the gas processing and repair industry for several companies. He is known for his years as a field technician and shop foreman where his focus was on management. His greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, and leadership. He thrives on the challenges, particularly those that expand the reliability of the company and its reach.

Would you ever guess?

Erica has been managing our offices since 2001.

Erica McKenzie
CFO and Office Manager

Erica has been a part of the All American Team since its beginning in 2001. She started here as the office manager and has overseen all of the accounting and daily needs of the business. Her positive and hard-working attitude helps our entire organization to focus on our clients.

Now she is undertaking an even bigger responsibility as CFO. She is now part owner of All American Technical Team, as her father, Jim Lain, was before her. Over the past decade her vision has been for our team to provide excellent service and to keep learning new ways in which we can be of help to our customers. Now her goal is for All American Tech to become even better at providing all of the great services our clients have come to expect from us so we can be your best resource for years to come.

Would you ever guess?

Over 37 years of experience in solving your challenges.

Verlin Shurman
Sales Team

Verlin started in the Mining, Lubrication and Service industries back in 1976. In the mining industry, Verlin started as a maintenance mechanic, working on heavy haulage equipment, dragline maintenance, shovel repair and drills. In no time, he was promoted to leadman and then a supervisory position. He got into the lubrication side of mining and was a technical services manager, solving the mining company's problems with grease failures and pumping systems problems. He became an Instructor, teaching the mechanics of lubrication. In the service industry, he helped develop a small company coiling up all sizes of steel cable for recycling.

He has worked at All American Technical Team for the last 8 years. He has been invaluable in our sales department, in business development, and strengthening our relationship with clients throughout the four corners and in other parts of the USA.

Would you ever guess?

Over 21 years of experience in assisting in the oil and gas industry.

Kevin Nash
Assistant General Manager

Kevin Nash is the Assistant GM. He served 5 years in the United States Navy as an active duty welder and steel worker. After a short stay in Gulfport, MS, Kevin moved his family to Farmington and joined our team. Kevin worked his way through the machinist program at San Juan College and then went to work at Sandia National Laboratories in their machinist apprentice program. Kevin completed that program and then returned to our team as the shop foreman. Kevin's 21 years of experience and his leadership skills brings our team yet another trusted leader.


Together Everyone Achieves More

Caring about our customers and your needs, we provide high-quality work with dedicated fast turnaround times.

Our safety and reliability are verified by ISNetworld®, PICS Auditing, DISA Global Solutions, and NCMS.


"Together Everyone Achieves More"

Let's face it anybody can purchase equipment, but without good people your business is doomed to fail.

Jim Lain, Founder

It all began in 2001 when Jim Lain and Les Schurman attended the San Juan Business Incubation classes and program. In January of 2002, All American Technical Team was joined by Neil Schurman and then in May of 2002 joined by Keith Schurman. this group of leaders formed All American Technical Team and offered electrical and mechanical services as well as fabrication services to primarily the natural gas and mining industries. The team soon found itself subcontracting all machine work to Extreme Welding and Machine owned by Mike Weers. In a short time negotiations took place and the two businesses merged. This was completed in March of 2003 bringing Mike Weers in as the fifth owner.

The incubating company now in super growth mode was moved into an 8,000 square foot facility at 1201 Dowell Rd., Farmington, NM. The team grew to about 20 people at this facility and steadily increased equipment, service vehicles, and customer base. The team once again found itself outgrowing the facilities and in 2005 found a new home. All American Technical Team purchased its facility of 30,000 plus square feet at 3515 La Plata Hwy., Farmington, NM and went to work growing some more. We have also added heavy equipment repair, electric motor repair and rewinding. We are U.L. certified. The team is now approximately 40 full time employees strong and uses several part time folks as well.

Our company takes great pride in its employees and believes in the team spirit of achieving our goals. The motto we know you have heard before, and that we live by is "Together Everyone Achieves More"! One of our leaders was even quoted as saying "Let's face it anybody can purchase equipment but without good people your business is doomed to fail". The company offers its employees above average compensation and benefits not to mention involving affected team members in decision making processes when it comes to any project our customers give us. All of this comes together and forms a company that can offer our customers high quality work with dedicated fast turnaround times.

The bottom line is we care about our customers and our attention is on their needs always. We want to be part of your team and bring cost effective, smooth, and safe operations for America's utility requirements. You may have noticed that we have not said we are out of the incubation period and the fact is we just aren't. Due to more growth we purchased 2.5 more acres. With the new land we constructed 3,800 more square feet of new shop space and 8,000 square feet of office space.

We are working on the development of a design and drafting department; in short our goal is to become the one stop shop for the oil and gas, mining, power generation, municipal maintenance, and construction industries. For more information along with a list of our services and resources please review and enjoy the rest of our website or pick up the phone and call any one on our team, we are all eager to assist you.


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Where to find us

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We're located just northwest of Farmington, New Mexico USA. Drop us a line. We look forward to showing you all that All American Technical Team can do for your industry.